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Online education for kids & youth


Online Tutor Expert is your trusted source of online education for kids and youth. From academic learning to personal development classes, we source top quality teachers to create an innovative and unique learning experience for your child.

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Your online tutor will help you complete your math homework, understand difficult math concepts, and guide you to enjoy math through the use of imagery, objects, and simplified methods. 


Work on strengthening your English reading, writing and grammar with your online English tutor. Each lesson will be designed according to your level and learning style. 


Enhance your Russian language reading, writing, and speaking skills, working one-on-one with a native speaking teacher experienced in working with kids and youth.


Learn French with an experienced online French tutor skilled in teaching kids and youth. Each lesson is fun and entertaining with the use of colorful images and exciting songs.


Improve your vocal skills right at home! Our online vocal tutor is highly experienced in teaching online singing classes. Learn how to sing with a professional instructor today!


Did you know that learning piano can improve self-esteem and enhance your mood? Add a weekly online lesson to your schedule!


Express your inner creativity with online art classes! All you need is a pencil, paper, and paint -- schedule a class today with a professional online art tutor today!


Computers are becoming a part of our daily lives and learning how to use them early will give your child a tremendous boost for the future! Learn coding in a comfort of your home at a great price with an online tutor!

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"I am having a great time with Online Tutor Expert! I created a daily schedule for my child with an online tutor to help with school homework and 2 hour extra curricular activities on Saturday and Sunday morning. My child feels a lot more confident at his school and is on top of his studies. In addition, I get some time for home duties while my child is busy learning. Most importantly online learning is a lot more affordable and convenient! I highly recommend Online Tutor Expert!"

Mara Ritter

Nova Scotia, Canada

Why choose our online tutors?

Signing up for private classes with an online tutor will give your child the opportunity to fill in any learning gaps in their education, providing them with confidence and self-assurance with school and among their peers. The private online classes are fully customized to your requirements and preferences, whether you would like your child to complete their homework with the online tutor, clarify any material, or learn the next chapter in the schoolbook. If you are not sure what you would like, no problem, we will access your child’s knowledge and suggest the learning material and program necessary for them. Having a personal online tutor will give your child an opportunity to enhance their marks in school and have a better understanding of the material.

Our goal is to provide qualified and knowledgeable teachers, with a superb amount of experience in children’s education and in online learning. We strive to find the balance between high quality education and a fun learning environment for kids, so you don’t have to push them to learn. Instead, they will be asking you to make sure they don’t miss their next class.

The best part about having a private online instructor is that your child doesn’t have to feel pressured to understand the material quickly; they can learn and understand at their own pace and the instructor can customize the program according to their progress. The student can ask the teacher as many questions as it requires for them to understand the material. You will observe yourself how one-on-one online tutoring will speed up the process of your child’s learning. Learning is like building a wall -- if one brick is missing, the foundation will not be strong; we make sure to fill those missing bricks in order to continue learning successfully.

In a big class environment, it is incredibly difficult for a teacher to answer separate questions all students may have and find the right teaching style for each child. Some kids learn by observing and some learn by listening. The ability to identify each child’s strength and weaknesses is the key to better education. Improve your child’s grades by giving them the opportunity to learn in their style. When you sign up, we assess your child’s knowledge and design a program specifically for your child. We will provide our recommendation and hear your requests for a personalized lesson plan. It’s a wonderful way to help your child catch up in school and fill in some free time with useful activities.


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