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Live Online Programs for Kids & Youth

If you are thinking about the future education of your child, our online program will help you! We are offering the most effective online education methods that will develop your child’s academic and creative abilities. Our personal online classes or small online group classes (up to 3 kids) highly increase class productivity and speed up the process of learning. 

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Online Education Programs for Kids

Art & Music

Art & Music are children’s favorite activities, and we must cultivate this natural enjoyment throughout the years. Online Tutor Expert offers a combo class of art and music to foster this love and develop other skills required for future education while keeping the class fun and enjoyable for kids.

 Art classes include drawing, sculpting and crafts. Sculpting using plasticine is an especially important skill - it’s not only an excellent developmental activity, but it allows the child to be immersed in their creative imagination and built their artistic character. Sculpting classes promote the enhancement of fine motor skills, which is a particularly important skill in preparation for school. 

The music segment of the lesson allows the child to get accustomed with the world of music in an entertaining and engaging manner. Classes include fun songs, dancing to music, finger gymnastics, development of speech, and musical hearing.

Combining the two subjects together allows the child to be more engaged and attentive for the duration of the class. 

Russian & Math

An hour combo class in Russian and Math, for kids ages 5-6, includes Russian reading, speech development, enhancement of writing skills, mathematics, logical problem solving, developing of attention, and thinking capabilities, and learning about the world around us. 

The class is conducted in the Russian language. Each subject continues for 15 minutes, then switches to the next topic to keep the child engaged and interested. The class is conducted in a fun and entertaining manner.

The class includes:

• Russian reading and writing

• Counting and problem solving

• Memory development, increasing attention span and logical thinking

• Learning about the world around us

English & Math

Joint classes in English and Math for kids ages 5-6 are designed to develop English reading skills, enhance the quality of speech, learn the basics of mathematics and develop child’s understand of the world.

The class includes:

• Speech development, expansion of vocabulary and reading skills

• Counting in math, geometric figures, logical and mathematical problem solving, addition and subtraction

• Development of attention and logical thinking

• Learning about the world around us

The class in conducted in English language. Each subject runs for 15 minutes and is conducted in a playful and fun fashion. 

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"The concept of combining several subject within the one hour is brilliant. I was initially worried that my 4 year old will have a hard time staying attentive with the online teacher, but because the teacher is constantly introducing new activities, he is glued to the screen for the whole hour. "

Emma Burke

Toronto, Canada

Why choose our online program?

Early online education classes will prepare your child for school, develop the skill of thinking and comprehending, improve their logic and ability to analyze information, train their memory, build assiduity, and broaden creativity. During each lesson we are working on training imagination, retaining information, and improving critical thinking. 

What do classes consist of?

• Learning numbers & geometric figures, solving logical problems

• Learning to read, developing speaking skills and expanding word vocabulary 

• Enhancing color recognition through games and activities

• Developing fine motor skills and preparing our hand for writing

•Learning about the world around us

Benefits of online personal tutors and online small group classes:

• Online instructor and child create a personal bond and a develop a personal learning plan

• Personal or small group learning makes it possible to complete more in the given time.

• Online instructor has the opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses of the students, developing both accordingly.

We know that the world for our child will not be the same as we know it today. Technological development is moving faster than ever, and we are pushed to learn quickly and acquire new skills. What do you have to do to be successful?

• Ability to navigate within the provided


• Creative thinking

• Cognitive flexibility

• Quick Problem solving

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