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Live online group classes 


Strengthen your knowledge and acquire new skills with online small group classes!

Quality Online Learning Classes for Kids and Youth 

Fill in learning gaps and improve your grades with online classes today! Strengthen your child's self-confidence by being on top of school learning material and improving your comprehension of each subject! Our virtual classes are kept in small groups with a maximum of four people and are combined based on age and level for optimum results! 

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Participating in online classes will assist you with your math homework, clarify difficult math concepts and guide you to enjoy math rather than struggle with comprehending each concept.


Enhance your knowledge in English grammar & writing by participating in a small online group class within your level and age. Online English classes for kids incorporate images, songs, and games to captive kid’s attention and engage in the learning process.


Learn to write, speak, and read in Russian language by participating in a small online group learn session with a native speaking teacher. A highly trained online instructor will design each class based on the group age and level.


Study French with an experienced online French tutor trained in teaching kids and youth. Each lesson is enjoyable and playful with the use of colorful images and exciting songs.


Enhance your singing skills right at your home! Our online vocal class is taught by professional singing instructor with experience in online learning.


Ever dreamed of learning how to play piano, but couldn’t find time? Online piano learning is very affordable and easy to fit into your daily routine! Did you know that piano will improve self-esteem and enhance your mood? Add piano lessons to your weekly schedule!


Learn art from the comfort of your home! Discover your inner Picasso! Grab a piece of paper and paint today and book a class!


Computers are becoming a big part of our daily lives! Teach your children a skill that will benefit them in the future!

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"My child loves her teacher and is looking forward to her classes everyday. Her math grades have got better, because she has the opportunity to ask questions and go over math concepts that she didn't understand in school"

Jovani Rodgens

New York, NY

Why choose online classes?

Online classes have opened up new horizons in the learning experience. You can now be in a class with kids from all over the world in a comfort of your home, learning about the various cultures, languages, and lifestyle. Aside from the bigger picture and endless possibilities, online learning is convenient and affordable. There are many reasons to choose online education; it provides a personal approach and gives you the flexibility to create an individual schedule to fit your lifestyle.

As parents, it takes us a lot of effort to drive kids to an after-school program or tutor; there is traffic, a dinner to cook, and basic home chores to be done. Consequently, we have to choose between one or the other. Scheduling an after-school online class will give you the ability to complete your home tasks and keep your child busy with a qualified online instructor, either finishing up homework or working on a subject that requires attention.

Each child learns at their own pace, using a personal approach and individual system. Small online classes have the advantage to adjust according to each child’s learning methodology and work at their tempo. In a small classroom environment with kids who are similar in age and learning level, the teacher has a lot more flexibility to adapt the material to fit each child.

Each child is able to move at their own pace, creating a stronger one-on-one learning experience, providing a friendly atmosphere for questions and clarifications.

We understand your busy lifestyle and will do our best to provide the classes at the times that fit your schedule! Whether you prefer an after-school class or a class on a weekend morning, our top priority is to adjust our class times according to your schedule! 

We support a friendly environment in our online classroom! Teachers will not only teach your child the subject, but become their friend, and kids are encouraged to have fun conversation with our instructors and online peers.

Thank you for your interest! Send you inquiry and start online classes this week!

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